Can you walk with Gout

Can You Walk With Gout

Gout is painful; as a matter of fact, the pain is often unbearable. In many cases, it prevents you from working or doing your usual daily activities. Most people don’t even dear putting a foot on the floor when they are in pain, which is understandable. But those people who worked up their courage and …

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How to get more steps in a day

How to Get More Steps in a Day

If you want to know how to get more steps in a day, you came to the right place. There are many ways you can get more steps, and in this article, you’ll find many options, but not all of them because it would take more than a page, which might overwhelm you. But as …

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What is fitness walking

What is Fitness Walking?

Walking is a natural way of moving. From the moment we get up from bed, we walk, whether to take the dog for a walk, going shopping, or bringing our kids to the park. We do it so naturally that we don’t even think it could be a sport. But this natural movement that we …

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How to Lose Weight By Walking

How Can You Lose Weight By Walking

A few years ago, I practiced bodybuilding intending to lose weight, and after a few months of working hard, I realized that it didn’t make me lose a pound; quite the contrary – I gained weight. At that time, I wasn’t aware that muscles weigh more than fat.  Anyway, because it was too intense, I …

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How to walk for health

How to Start Walking For Health

If you want to know how to start walking for health, then you came to the right place! Walking is an excellent cardio workout. It boosts your metabolism, it makes you burn fat, it’s enjoyable, and on top of this, it doesn’t cost anything! So how do you get started? Well, It’s easier than you …

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Is Walking good for back pain

Is Walking Good For Back Pain?

Is walking good for back pain? Well, to answer this question, many studies have proven that walking lower back pain. Isn’t it surprising? That’s all well and good but wait, do not rejoice so fast. There is something you should know. Even if walking helps relieve back pain, if you walk with a lousy posture …

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