Why Walking is Good for Health

It’s understandable that so many people ask why walking is good for health. After all, it’s just walking, right? It looks more like a leisure activity than a cardio workout. Well, if this is what you think, you might be surprised how walking can improve your health and your quality of life!  In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about all the benefits you get from walking.

What Are the Benefits of Walking?

Walking can be as beneficial as any cardio workout if done properly. This means you need to walk at a minimum of 3 miles per hour at a brisk pace, which can be done easily if you are well trained. Anyway, as I stated above, walking does a lot of good things to your body, and if you stick to your daily walking routine, you’ll get excellent results. Let’s have a closer look at the best benefits of walking. 

  • It strengthens your heart, your lungs, and your muscles.
  • It helps you to get rid of your extra pounds.
  • It improves the cardiovascular of your body and boosts blood circulation.
  • It prevents many diseases.
  • It is inexpensive
  • It fights depression

Walking long distance for health

How Much Should You Walk?

Honestly, the more and the faster you walk, the better. This means that you should be walking at least 30 minutes (4000 steps) 4 To 5 days a week.

But for maximum health benefit, 10000 steps per day would be the best. If You are not used to walking, I suggest you start with 15 minutes (2000 steps) a day and gradually add more steps until you reach 60 minutes (10000 steps).

Yes. It takes a bit of time like anything else in life, but it’s all worth it. How do I know I am walking at the right pace? Well, That’s an excellent question because you should always track your steps.

And to do so, you either use a pedometer app, a watch, or any other gadget that helps you count your steps. If you don’t want to use any device, a good trick is to check your breath while walking, and if you can hold a conversation without being out of breath, this means you are on the right path.

How to Start Walking?


  • As I have mentioned above, walking doesn’t Require expensive equipment, But a good pair of walking shoes and socks are a must If you want your feet to be comfortable while walking. If you wear Orthopedics shoes, you’ll have to buy what suits your needs at your local shop or online. 
  • An app like a pedometer or a smartphone or a wearable tracker will help you count your steps and track your data such as calories burned, heartbeat, and even the quality of your sleep.
  • Always stretch before and after walking. No matter if you walk on the treadmill or outside, 5 minutes is required to warm up before and another 5 minutes to cool down after your workout. By doing so, it will maintain your flexibility and will prevent injury.
  • Start walking at a slow pace and gradually pick up speed until you walk at a fast pace of 3 miles per hour. 
  • Walk with your head up, your shoulders down, and your back straight. Keep your arm close to your body and bend your elbow at 90 degrees. While walking, keep you bent at the right angle. When swinging your arms, the movement should not come from your elbows, but your shoulders. Your strides should be short and fast.
  • It’s important to swing your arm actively forward and backward; it will help you go faster.
  • Your legs should be working more than the rest of your body
  • A few minutes before the end of your walking slow down and cool down by doing some stretching.
Walking 10000 steps for health


  1. Striving to surpass yourself is great, but don’t force too much. You don’t need to do 10000 steps on the first day. Not only will this exhaust you, but it also could be dangerous for your health. So, start slowly and gradually add more steps. 15 minutes the first week, then 20 minutes the second week, and so on until you reach your goal.
  2. Once you start, don’t stop, be consistent, and you’ll get the best results. If you don’t feel like walking, then do at least 10 minutes, so you don’t get discouraged.
  3. If the weather doesn’t permit you to walk outside, fine, walk on a treadmill or walk in place at home. That’s a hell of a workout:) There are plenty of videos that show you how to do it.
  4. Walking is a social sport; it can be done with friends, family, or spouse. It keeps you on track, and it’s more agreeable unless you prefer to walk alone. Not everyone wants to be accompanied.
  5. While walking, listen to your favorite music or program, or anything else that motivates you. Time passes much faster that way. 
  6. Eat something light before you start walking to avoid feeling weak in the middle of your workout. Avoid heavy food such as meat, fat, junk food. Opt for yogurt, wholewheat bread, fruits, etc. You got the picture. 
  7. Drink water, so you don’t get dehydrated. If you don’t like water, then add some lemon juice and honey to make it tastier
  8. In the summer, it can get very hot, and if you walk in the sun, you must protect yourself with sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen cream. 


After reading this article, you should know that walking is fantastic for your health. If you are still not convinced, try to walk for a month, and you’ll see an amelioration in your general health. Walking is not only healthy but also agreeable as it relaxes you and boosts your mood. So don’t wait any longer, put your shoes on and start walking.

Do you know other benefits of walking? If so, you are welcome to share them in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Why Walking is Good for Health”

  1. Okay – I absolutely love that I’ve stumbled upon this site :).  I have a website specifically on exercise and health, and I speak quite a bit about the benefits of walking as well.  You’re totally right…it does look more like a leisure activity than cardio, but it’s so much more than that!  It’s funny that you mention 30 minutes is about 4000 steps.  I literally have been walking about an hour per day in the mornings and it usually comes out to right around 8000 steps, so that’s totally right on key!  I get 10000 a day, but I usually save the last 2000 for later in the evening for a shorter walk.  But I notice I get a lot of those steps in just walking around the house too.  10000 steps per day burns about 400 – 500 calories each time, and it doesn’t feel like cardio at all.  But the benefits we get from it are so wonderful.  What a great read this is.  Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, that’s the great thing about walking, you can walk when you have the time:) I usually save mine too for the evening.

      Thanks for the comment! 

  2. Hello there Daniella, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. I’ve always known that walking has lots of health benefits. I’m very lazy so I try to give excuses anytime I’m meant to go for a walk. You’re right as it standing for a cardio workout if done well. I think this is the time to finally start fighting for my health and I will start with these tips on walking. Will come back and let you know when I go for my first work

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Yes, everyone knows that exercising is good for health; it’s not rocket science:) The problem is that we humans can sometimes get lazy when it comes to attaining a goal. Walking is an easy form of exercise. It doesn’t require lifting heavy weights.

      Health is one of the most important things in life; we can’t do anything without it. So we should all fight for it. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I use to work in finance and my job was sedentary. I sit at a spot for long hours, sudden i started having pains all over my joints. One of the immediate therapy my doctor gave was walking. I started taking early hour walk and within some few weeks, I got relieved. Later my son joined me and we did it together daily. Like you mentioned it does not require expensive equipment. It is a cheap exercise 

    • Hi there,

      All doctors recommend walking to reduce joints. Walking also lower back pain, I’ve written an article about it. You may want to take a look.

      I am glad walking helped you ease the pain in your joints. Oh, and congrats on your son; it’s an excellent way to spend some time with family:) Thank you for passing by and the comment.

  4. I am grateful I have to walk to the bus stop to go to work and that’s a 15 minute walk. And once I arrive at the place were the bus stop leaves me I have to walk 15 minutes to get to my office. And in the afternoon I have to walk the other way around. So, at first I didn’t like it. But it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    • Hi Ann

      Yes, you are so lucky, some people need to find parking to park their car, and it’s not always easy to find one:) You just need to get down from the bus earlier, and you are good to go. Not to mention, you are working out without even realizing it, which is fantastic. As you said, it’s really a blessing in disguise.

      Thank you for the comment!

  5. Hello Daniella,

    A big thank you to you for sharing with us this nicely written article, I am glad I stumbled upon this. You are very correct, Walking is such a great exercise for the health. Sone Doctors recommend Walking to Reduce risks of Diabetes,  reduce stress levels etc. It has loads of benefits to the body, I recommend it to everyone to walk everyday for at least 25mins.

    • Hi there,

      It reduced my cholesterol, and mine was quite high. I refused to take medicals to reduce it. I was already watching my diet, but it wasn’t enough. Walking is what really helped reduce my cholesterol. One of my friends reduced her blood sugar level, and she lost a lot of weight. Walking is very effective if sticking to it. Really recommended!

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi there,

      It reduced my cholesterol, and mine was quite high. I refused to take medicals to reduce it. I was already watching my diet, but it wasn’t enough. Walking is what really helped reduce my cholesterol. One of my friends reduced her blood sugar level, and she lost a lot of weight. Walking is very effective if sticking to it. Really recommended!

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hey there!

    That is a wonderful article you provided there. I just learnt a lot from that helpful and educative article. Although I’ve heard briefly that walking is good for health but I never had any idea it is capable of strengthening the heart, lungs, the muscles. Nether do I even know it prevents depression. That was a great knowledge you just added to me.


    • Hi Caro,

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, walking is fantastic for health, and it’s easy to do:) Great that I could share some knowledge with you. Have a great day!


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