How to Get More Steps in a Day

If you want to know how to get more steps in a day, you came to the right place. There are many ways you can get more steps, and in this article, you’ll find many options, but not all of them because it would take more than a page, which might overwhelm you. But as a proverb says, quality is more important than quantity. I hope you agree with me on this.

Why Walking?

Before you go any further, I will explain why walking is so good for your body. Many studies show that walking improves your general health and prevents illnesses. It lowers cholesterol; it stabilizes your insulin; it boosts your immune system and your mood, making you feel fantastic. If you have decided to start walking, you made the best decision. 

Set a Goal

Set a goal. I mean by this is, know precisely how many miles per day you are capable of walking today. Being aware of where you are will help you set a goal. Suppose you are comfortable walking 1 mile per day; you can plan on adding another mile the following week. So you know now next week you’ll be walking 2 miles. It doesn’t matter if you can walk less or more; even 5 minutes per day will help as long as you add more steps and stay consistent. Okay, now you have set your goal; the only thing left is knowing where you’ll be walking. And for this, I am here to help you.

Set a goal to get more steps

Motivate Yourself

Like everything in life, you need the motivation to attain your goal. It’s easier said than done, I know. But with those tips, you’ll stay motivated. I tried them, and trust me, they work. 

If you don’t have the mood to go walking, listen to your best podcast, it will allow you to accomplish the miles you’ve set for walking. 

You can also listen to your favorite song, preferably pop or disco music -it will make you want to dance. Tina Turner or Michal Jackson is great for it; you might even do more miles than planned. 

Treat yourself with new shoes, and walking clothes makes you feel good and motivates you to try them.

Find the best time for you to walk. When do you feel more energetic? In the morning, afternoon, or evening? Find the time that works best for you.

Use a walking gadget like a fitness tracker, pedometer, or speed monitor. These are fun toys that will get you to move and make your walking workout more enjoyable. 

Walk Your Dog

If your dog is easy to control, you can take him for a long walk. You’ll both spend some energy, and it’s a great occasion to take some fresh air together.

Walk your dog to get more steps

Park Your Car Far Away from Your Work

Instead of parking your car in your workplace parking, park further away, and walk. Just remember where you parked your car. To avoid being late at work, you could accelerate your pace and burn even more energy. 

Walk While You Wait

If you are a parent, you might have been in this situation where you need to wait for your child to finish their piano class or swimming class or whatever. Right? Instead of sitting, why not walk? You’ll be amazed at how many steps you can do. The same if you are waiting for a friend or an appointment. 

Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator.

Did you know that climbing stairs at an average pace make you burn two to three times more energy than walking on flat terrains? Studies show that climbing stairs boost your heart and lung function and promote muscles, joints, and bones. So these are good reasons to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take the stairs to get more steps

Get off the bus before the final destination.

If you use public transport, try to get off a few stops earlier than you usually stop. You might enjoy the surroundings and discover new shops, cafes, or restaurants that you didn’t even know existed. Strolling around will give you lots of extra steps without feeling you are exercising.

Do a Virtual Race

Because of the coronavirus, many marathon events have been canceled. But this doesn’t have to stop you from walking. You can participate in a virtual race and sign up directly on their website, “” It’s free, and you can even earn a medal. 

Go for a Walk After Dinner.

Instead of digesting food on your sofa, why not get a walk outside. It lowers your blood sugar level, improves digestion, and reduces craving.

Book a Tour

Another great way to add more steps is to participate in an organized walking tour. It’s fun, and it’s a great occasion to meet new friends. There are multi-day trekking trips with professional guides that take you to beautiful trails.

Enjoy Walking While You Do Camping

When you go camping, there is a lot of free time to rest and do nothing. Do what you usually do while camping, like swinging in a hammock, floating on the water, or playing poker. Just integrate some walking into your activities. Walking in nature is relaxing, and you could discover new plants, trees, flowers, or mushrooms on the way.

Go on a Hiking Trip

Organize a hiking trip with family or friends. There is a lot of uphill and downhill walking. It’s a fun and relaxing way to get more steps. Not only adults love hiking, children too.

Go hiking to get more steps

Walk on the Beach

If you go to the beach, do your walking exercises on the sand. Know, however, that it’s more challenging to walk on dry sand than on wet sand. On the other hand, walking on dry sand makes your muscles work harder than on damp sand. 

Do Aqua Walking

Walking in the water is an excellent cardio workout, and the good thing is that it doesn’t put any stress on your joints. You can walk as much as you want, and you won’t feel any pain, which is terrific, especially if you suffer from back or knee pain.

Get to Walk With a Buddy.

If you and your friend walk at the same pace, you’ll enjoy walking together. When you don’t feel like going walking, your friend can motivate you and vice versa. Plus, the time goes by much faster when a friend accompanies you.

Turn Your Miles Into Charity

Walking for charity gets you to meet new people, making you motivated to walk and get fitter for the next event. Not to mention, it gives you a good feeling that you do something good for others.

Walk At Home

If the weather doesn’t allow you to go out or you feel like staying at home, walk in place. There are plenty of videos on Youtube that offer free courses. Walking in place is just as good as walking outside. Some courses even integrate some exercises that strengthen other muscles.

Push Your Baby’s Stroller

If you are a new mom, walking with your baby’s stroller will shed the extra pounds you took when you were pregnant. And it’s also a great way to put your baby to sleep.

Push baby stroller to get more steps

Walk While You Go Shopping

Walking around malls and shopping centers is also an excellent way to do some walking workout, but this could cost you money, though, because you might be tempted to buy the stuff you see in the store. That’s why I put this option last on the list.


Hydrate, hydrate. Always drink water before, during, and after your walking workout. You don’t want to end up being dehydrated, it’s not a pleasant feeling, and it could be dangerous in some cases.

The sun provides an adequate vitamin D source, but too much of it can be harmful to your skin. You need to protect your body, including your head and eyes, against the UV. And you do this by wearing a hat, polarized sunglasses, and long sleeve t-shirt. Also, apply some sunscreen before you go for a walk outside. You can walk as well in the evening or early in the morning to avoid being exposed to the sun.

Without your legs and feet, you won’t be able to walk. So you would agree that you need to take care of them very well. This means wearing the right pair of walking shoes. Don’t ever wear unfitted shoes or worn-out shoes; these might hurt your back, legs, hips, knees, or feet. Choose comfortable footwear that suits your gait pattern and the type of terrains you’ll be walking on.


To get more steps in your daily routine, you only need to use a few of the options listed above. With a little motivation and planning, you’ll be able to enjoy your daily walks. Just make sure you wear a good pair of walking shoes and, most importantly, that you enjoy every step.

Do you have other techniques you use to get more steps in a day? I would love to know. 

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