How to Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking When Walking?

You’ve bought a new pair of walking shoes that fit and are really attractive. But once you put them on, they start to make some weird noise. Each time you take a step, they Squeak, squeak, squeak!! This is quite embarrassing and annoying. Right? Now you certainly ask yourself, is there something I can do about it? And to be quite frank, the answer is Yes. In this article, you’ll find the best tips on how to stop your shoes from squeaking when walking.

6 Main Reasons Why Your Shoes Squeak

There are several reasons why shoes squeak. Here are the most common reasons:

1.It could be that moisture or air got trapped between your sole and insole.

2.It can also be that your insole moves around when you walk, causing friction between the insert and the shoe.

3.If the outsole of your shoes is too slick, and you walk on smooth surfaces like tile or wood floors, it can also cause the shoes to squeak. 

4.There may be a fissure between the sole and the upper part of the shoe. In this case, the air gets trapped and causes the shoe to squeak.

5.If your shoes are soaked, and you walk with them on a dry surface, this will make your shoes squeaking.

6.Your shoes are simply brand new, and the upper is still stiff. This often happens with leather material.

Whatever the reason, you need to do something to stop this squeak. Keep reading the next paragraph; it becomes more and more interesting. 

How to Know Where the Squeak Comes From?

Ah, this is a great question! When you know where the issue comes from, you’ll have a better idea of what to do.

The best way to know is by checking your shoes. Hold them in your hands, bend them, twist them, and pay attention. Check if your insert is well fixed to the midsole. Make sure your sole is not getting apart from the upper.

Run your hands over the outsole and feel if it’s not too slick. Touch the upper and inner lining to see if these parts are humid. Put your shoes on and walk around on different floor types and listen to the squeak. Have you found out? If so, great! Now check out these tricks to get rid of your squeaking problem.

Fix Your Insole Squeaking Issue


Remove the insole and pour some baby powder on the midsole and underneath the insole. Then place the insole back inside the shoes. This should prevent the insole from rubbing against the sole and reduce the squeaking. You can also use baking powder or talcum powder if you don’t have baby powder. It is as effective. If there isn’t any insert in the shoes, which is quite rare, put some powder on the midsole’s edge.  

Paper Towel

If for whatever reason, you don’t want to use powder, you have the option to put paper towels underneath the insoles. The paper towel will help the insole stay in place when you walk, and it also absorbs moisture, which prevents the shoes from squeaking. Make sure to replace paper towels after wearing the shoes a few times to avoid any unpleasant odors.

Petroleum Jelly

If your shoes are still squeaking, then why not try some Petroleum Jelly. The same as the previous methods stated above. Pull out the insole and apply a small quantity of Petroleum Jelly on the midsole of the shoes. It will help lubricate your inserts and prevent them from moving around. You may do this if the squeaking comes back.

Fix Your Slick Outsoles

Leather sole

An excellent solution to make the sole less slick is by sanding the surface of the outsole with sandpaper. Get a piece of sandpaper and gently scrub the bottom of your shoes. It will make them rougher, and as a result, the squeaking will reduce. You might need to do this a few times, though. Avoid using thick grit because it could damage the sole. Use only thin sandpaper. Know that this method can only be applied on a leather sole, not on rubber material. 

Rubber sole

This sounds a little funny, and this is why so many people are skeptical when it comes to using this method. However, it has been proven that it works very well, according to a fair amount of commentators. Rubber outsoles often squeak because the sole is too smooth, and when walking on hard surfaces, it rubs against each other, which creates the squeak. So what is the trick? Rub a cheap bar of soap over the entire sole, and you are good to go. Yes, I know what you may think, soap can make the shoes slippery but don’t worry, it won’t. It actually does the opposite; it enhances traction.

Fix the Gap Issue Between the Sole


The sole can separate from the upper because of a defect in the shoe or hard use. However, to repair this, you just need to fill the fissure with super glue. Once you’ve glued the parts, put something heavy on the shoe and let it dry for 24 hours. Avoid placing your shoes on a radiator, as this will destroy the adhesives. Let the shoe dry naturally.

Fix the Squeaking on the Upper

Oil Conditioning

Shoes made of leather tend to squeak more when new because they aren’t supple enough, making the material rubs together. The best solution to avoid your shoes making noise is to apply some conditioning oil or shoe conditioner on the upper. Before you do so, just make sure to remove dirt with a clean, dry cloth. This will remove the squeak from your shoes. 


  1. Never apply oil conditioner on suede leather.
  2. Choose an oil conditioner designed for your shoe type.
  3. Start with a small part of the shoes to ensure the oil doesn’t leave any stain.

Fix the Squeak in the Tongue and Laces


Sometimes the squeak can come from the tongue rubbing against the laces. If it’s the case, apply some conditioning oil or, if you prefer, some soap onto the tongue and laces of the shoes. It will lubricate the area and stop the squeaking. 

Fix the Moisture Issue

Air Drying

Wet shoes are one of the most common reasons why they become squeaky. When water gets trapped inside the shoes, it forms air bubbles, and as a result, the shoes become squeaky when walking, which makes sense. So the solution is to dry them completely. There are several ways to do this. You can let them dry in the sun or a warm place. You can place them in front of a fan. Another effective way to dry the shoes is by stuffing them with paper towels or newspapers. As I mentioned, don’t dry your shoes on a radiator, it will destroy them.Dry Your Shoes to Remove Squeaking from Your Shoes

Drying Machine

If you want to accelerate the drying time, which I don’t recommend, you can put them in the drying machine, but only on cool air. If it’s leather shoes, don’t even think about using your drying machine. This can be done with mesh or cotton shoes wrapped in a towel or mesh bag.

Wear Socks

Socks will reduce friction and absorb moisture. So if your shoes squeak, put a pair of thick socks on, and you are good to go. The best I can suggest is Merino Wool, as they absorb moisture exceptionally well and keep you completely dry. These won’t make your feet hot as opposed to cotton socks.

My Final Words

To sum it up, many shoes, when they are new, squeak. The good news is that there are many techniques you can use to get rid of the squeaking. And most of the time, a small break-in period will do the trick. It’s just a question of time and patience. If your shoes squeak due to one of the reasons stated above, try these tips, I am sure you’ll find them very useful. Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help.

How do you stop your shoes from squeaking? I would love to know. 

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