Troadlop Women’s Air Knitted Running Shoes Review

The Troadlop Air Knitted is a breathable, attractive, lightweight, and affordable athletic footwear. They are labeled as running shoes but suit more for walking errands, everyday use, as they don’t provide the support that a runner needs.

These are the type of sneakers you can wear with work clothes without drawing much attention from your colleagues. You don’t even need to switch shoes after work to go for a walk. You have them on!

According to reviewers, the Troadlop is exceptionally comfortable and doesn’t need to be broken in thanks to its stretchable knitted mesh. Let’s see in this Troadlop Women’s Air Knitted Running Shoes review if they are supportive enough for fitness walking or running.



The Troadlop Air has a knitted mesh upper that keeps your feet dry and cool all day and prevents foot odors. These sneakers are versatile and easy to match any casual and sporty outfit. You don’t need to tie or untie the laces as the tongue is attached to the sides, making them easy to put on and off.

The sole has flexible anti-slip grooves, enhancing traction on wet and dry surfaces. The nice thing about these sneakers is that they look beautiful, and they are cost-effective. But the question is, will these give your feet enough support for your walks, runs, or workouts? Let’s check this a little further.


Troadlop uses knitted mesh material on the upper, making the shoes lightweight and a real breeze to wear on hot days. These are the perfect sneakers for the summer as they dry fast when wet and are easy to clean.

It’s a plus for the summer but a minus for the winter because water and wind can easily penetrate the knitted mesh. There are plastic overlays stitched on the sides that hold the laces and hug your feet.

However, some critics said the plastic on the sides squeezed their feet and made the shoes uncomfortable. Others reported that they fit snug on the feet at the beginning, but stretch and give over time. 


higher than the ball of the foot on this model, which enhances shock absorption in the heel. If you are a heel striker, you’ll love them, but you might be disappointed if you are not because they lack cushioning in the forefoot.

Some reviewers reported there is no support and could feel the ground when walking for an extended period, especially under the ball of the foot. Since they can be blended easily, they offer practically no support at the arch.


Troadlop uses an insole with arch support to give the midfoot the support it needs for a comfortable ride. The insole is removable, which is practical if you need to replace it with a custom insert.

The insole is padded, but according to reviewers, not enough to absorb shocks. For extra cushion support, you will have to add more padded insoles. A few users said the arch support on the insert is high and could feel it on the side instead of on the bottom.

Outsole & Traction

These shoes have a non-slip rubber sole with flex grooves that provide excellent traction on wet and dry terrains, but not for a long time as these tend to wear out quickly when walking on pavements.

Reviewers were happy with the traction first, but after wearing them a few times, the tread wears out. Not the ideal shoe for power walking or running outside, but great for treadmills.


The Troadlop has a few drawbacks, but they are pretty cute and inexpensive. Many reviewers were happily surprised when the shoes arrived as they didn’t expect them to be so stylish.

The slick knitted upper gives a beautiful look, and the sole is the same color as the top. They come in many different colors, which provide endless choices to match your sporty wardrobe.


As I mentioned above, Troadlop is affordable, and for the price, you can’t expect the shoes to be durable. If you look for long-lasting shoes, you might want to check for something else.

This footwear is not built for serious exercises and running. Some critics reported they are poorly made and could see the glue spot over where the sole meets the mesh fabric. Others were disappointed with the quality but kept them anyway for walking errands.


Knitted mesh is often used to create sportswear because it has high ventilation properties and provides a snug fit. In terms of breathability, you really can’t go wrong with the Troadlop as the knitted mesh allows air circulation through ventilation pores over the entire shoe. You can count on these lightweight sneakers to keep your feet airy and light throughout the day.

Terrain Types

Because the sole on the Troadlop tends to wear out fast, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use them for running or power walking outdoors. The tread comes off easily, according to reviewers, especially on pavements.

These are labeled as anti-slip shoes, but it would suggest you check first before you venture on slippery floors because of the reasons above. Definitely not shoes for hiking on trails as they don’t provide enough support for these types of surfaces.


The sizing is pretty consistent; most reviewers were happy with the size. Because the opening fits snug, and the tongue is attached to the side, some people with wide feet found it challenging to put them on and off.

Other users loved the no tongue design because it allowed them to slip the shoes on more easily. However, a few critics could feel their toes touch the edge of the shoes. although these need to be snug on the feet since they are slip-on shoes.

Comfort, Support

Even though the Troadlop is advertised as a running shoe, they are not ideal for running and neither for brisk walking. These sneakers don’t provide enough support for long distances fitness walking and high impact exercises.

There are no overlays around the shoe to hold your foot, and the heel counter is soft; thus, don’t support your ankle when you walk. If you have foot issues, I would suggest you looking for more supportive footwear.

But, hey, these look beautiful, and not to mention they are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for walking around or boat parties.


The Troadlop features a lace-up design with a fixed tongue that can’t be moved. So there is no point in using the laces as they don’t really help tighten the shoes.

Most reviewers don’t even bother to secure the shoes as they find it easier to slip them on. The pieces of plastic material on the sides, which hold the laces, look more like a decoration than a practical feature. Several users reported that the plastic eyelets break when pulling the laces to secure the shoes.

Heel Area

The heel and collar are well padded, which makes the shoes extremely comfortable – no doubt about it. But the heel counter doesn’t keep its shape straight because it’s not reinforced.

Again, don’t expect these shoes to support your foot for power walking or running or exercising. These hug the fit well but it’s worth mentioning that they stretch over time.

They provide good cushioning in the heel, though, because there is more padding in the heel than in the ball of the foot. A few critics found the ankle too cushioned for their liking, which made them feel like the shoes would slide off.


I didn’t find any info on the weight, but according to reviewers, the Troadlop is exceptionally lightweight. The sole and knitted mesh weigh next to nothing and feel good on the feet. Many reviewers use them for traveling as they are easy to pack and carry everywhere. There were no complaints about the weight, users felt like they have no shoes on when walking in them.


The whole sneaker is flexible. The sole has flexible grooves that stretch with the movement of the ball of the foot, providing a great sensation when walking. But that doesn’t it’s good for your feet as it doesn’t offer the support you need, according to podiatrists.

Toe Box

The toe box is spacious on the Troadlop and gives enough room for your toe to wiggle. These come in many different widths and sizes, so if you have wide feet, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to find the right fit. Just make sure to measure your foot correctly and follow the chart recommendations. The toe box has a little bumper that’s barely visible but does protect your toes.


  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Removable inserts
  • Arch support insole
  • Ultra-lightweight and breathable knitted upper


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Not supportive enough for running, exercising, or power walking
  • The tread wears out fast.
  • Strong smell from the plastic package, but fade after aerating the shoes


To sum it up, the Troadlop is not a shoe designed for running and neither for power walking for the reason I’ve stated above. Why would I promote the Troadlop then if it’s not the best quality? Good question and the answer is because not everyone looks for expensive and top quality footwear. Some just want a casual sneaker to walk with their dog, stroll around shops, or just to look good. That’s what the Troadlop is designed for.

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Have you worn the Troadlop Women’s Air Knitted Running Shoes? If so, I would love to know what was your experience.

Troadlop Women's Air Knitted Running Shoes













  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Super Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Inexpensive


  • Not supportive enough for fitness walking or running
  • The tread wears out fast
  • Emit a strong smell when unpacking them

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