Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Shoe Review


The Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport is a comfortable and sturdy shoe that can withstand various wet and dry activities. These supportive and multi-functional shoes will allow you to switch from dry to wet activity without needing to change shoes, thanks to their quick-dry mesh upper and drainage holes.

Another good thing about them is that they are lightweight and cushioned, keeping your feet extremely comfortable. With them, you’ll be able to do the Cha Cha Cha, aerobic class, walk through waterfalls and rivers without fear of getting blisters.

Did I mention they are super cute?

If these are the shoes you are looking for; you might find this Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Shoe review interesting!

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Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport

  • Brand: Ryka
  • Dimension: 11 x 8 x 5 inches; 8.7 Ounces
  • Weight: 9oz (255gr)
  • Price: $$ ( Check the latest price)
  • Rating: 8.5 out of 10 Excellent!

Ryka Hydro Sport



The Hydro is a lightweight and breathable shoe designed for all sorts of water activities, but is also excellent for walking, traveling, and everyday use. With the Hydro on your feet, you won’t be afraid of getting wet wherever you go as they dry and drain water out fast.

They feature an impact foam insert at the heel, giving the extra heel cushion you need when walking or doing water activities. The webbing midfoot cage holds the foot and prevents it from rotating.

Plus, they have a compression EVA midsole, a lightweight and durable foam that gives a spring in every step you take. Although the Hydro is not labeled as a non- marking shoe, they don’t leave any mark on the deck and have an excellent tread, according to several boaters. 

Who is the Hydro Sport Water Shoe For?

The Hydro is for anyone who needs comfortable and breathable shoes for both dry and water landings. It’s also for those who want shoes that are easy to put on and off. These water shoes are extremely versatile, thus suit various types of activities.

They offer great support and cushioning in the sole, preventing the impact of bare feet on hard surfaces. If you are looking for supportive shoes to wear in and out of the water, easy to clean and dry, that gives excellent traction, the Hydro will do just that.


The Hydro has a quick-drying chlorine resistant mesh upper with spacious holes that allow easy airflow, making the shoes extremely breathable. The mesh is lightweight, which helps reduce drag in the water and will enable you to move more freely during your water activity.

According to most reviewers, the mesh dries fast when left in the wind or sun. However, some users wished they dried quicker but loved them anyway. The toe box has synthetic leather that protects your forefoot from scuffing when exercising or walking.

The heel is also reinforced with synthetic leather, which holds your foot nicely in place, preventing it from rolling inward or outward. The sturdy straps on the sides, called webbing midfoot cage, are integrated with the laces, so when you tighten the shoe, the straps get closer to the foot—this feature helps to support lateral movements.

The problem with this midfoot cage feature is that it loosens if the laces untied, reducing the lateral support. But there is no way it will happen with the Hydro because its toggle system keeps the foot secure even if the laces become untied.

The lining is also mesh, but the holes are tiny, allowing excellent ventilation and preventing small stuff from entering the shoes. It’s soft and doesn’t smell even after getting wet, based on most customers. Although the Hydro is a sturdy shoe, one wearer said the lining came apart after 10 months of use. 


The sole is made of Compression-Molded EVA, a lightweight and bouncy foam that cushions well your feet and protects them from harmful impact. These shoes provide more protection than regular water shoes because the sole is thicker and more cushioned, making them excellent for jumping, walking, and light hiking.

Plus, they have an impact foam in the heel that gives extra cushion and protection when your heel hits the ground. The outer sole features three big openings in the forefoot and another in the heel that drains the water, eliminating drag when crossing a river or working out in the pool.

Although the inner insole acts as a barrier to block small things from getting inside the shoe, some reviewers complained that rocks and shells get stuck in the holes.

They had to stop on the way several times to pry them out. Other commentators stated that the shoe fills up with sand from the drain opening, but it didn’t really bother them as they are easy to clean.


The Hydro has a perforated and removable Nitracel insert that not only prevents debris from penetrating the shoe but also wick sweat away, keeping your feet fresh in hot weather. This footbed has moderate arch support and is well padded, which reduces the force of impact when in the move.

Customers loved that they could take off the insert easily and replace it with orthotics. They also really appreciated that the insert dries fast and, once removed, speeds up the shoe’s drying time. While most people were pleased with the insert’s comfort, a few found that it comes out too easily.


The Hydro is designed for women’s feet, and it’s quite apparent. The heel offers a snug fit, and the forefoot is spacious enough to accommodate larger feet without being bulky. Plus, they are very stylish and come in many different colors. They received a huge amount of compliments from the majority of purchasers.

Outsole & Traction

The outsole is made of sticky rubber, which is flexible and durable. While many users felt safe walking and running in the pool, some got disappointed. They found them slippery, especially on painted lane lines on the pool’s bottom and wet rocks. Although the rubber is sticky and grabs well, this outsole is not designed for hiking over rocky terrains. They perform better in a well-maintained pool free of algae and on pavements.


The Hydro is sturdy and compared to regular water shoes; they are incredibly durable. This can seem to you a little exaggerating; when I reviewed the Hydro, two critics stated their previous pair of Ryka Hydro lasted 5 years and another user 6 years in chlorine water. I mean, this is incredible. You can check by yourself by typing the word “Last” in the reviews on Amazon. There you’ll see all the great comments.


Apart from the synthetic layer covering the toe box and the heel, the whole shoe is made of breathable mesh. The lining inside is mesh too, and the opening in the outsole allows excellent ventilation. The insert is perforated and wicks away moisture. You can rely on the Hydro to keep your feet cool and free of odors. On the other hand, they don’t protect the feet from cold weather in the winter. But that’s not a shoe for the winter anyway.

Terrain Types

Thanks to the sticky rubber, they grip well on various surfaces like pools, decks, treadmills, or pavements. But on off trails, in rocky terrains, the sole becomes slippery, which is expected as they aren’t built for that course.


The Hydro is nicely sized and fit as expected on the feet. They come in B – Medium width profile and half sizes too, giving you more options. Most users found them to be true to size, except a few wearers that had to go a half size up.

Since mesh material tends to stretch over time, it would be best to choose your standard foot size, unless you plan to wear thick socks. The good thing is that even if the mesh loosens up, the straps on the sides support the whole foot.

Comfort & Stability

The midsole EVA is cushioned, and there is an impact foam installed in the heel that absorbs shocks, making them extremely comfortable. Many users loved how they could dance and jump in the water without feeling any pain in their feet and knees.

The entire foot is supported by the reinforced heel and the midfoot strap. So, yes, they provide good stability too. If you overpronate, you’ll love them even more as they keep the feet stable. The collar and tongue are well padded, adding comfort on the bridge and around the ankle.


Most customers found the shoes exceptional in almost every category, except the laces. Some reported they are too long, and others that they keep coming untied in the water.

Fortunately, they have a toggle system that keeps the shoe secure even when the laces untied. Several users resolved this issue by tying the laces in a bow and tucking the loops under the criss-cross laces, so it doesn’t flop around in the water.

Heel Area

To walk, run, and jump in the water properly, you would agree that the shoes need to provide a fair amount of stability. Also, you can’t afford that the shoes slip off the heel in every step or twist your foot.

It seems that Ryka thought about it too, and that’s why they reinforced the heel and integrated a special impact foam in the heel so that the whole foot is well protected from shocks and injuries.

Some reviewers with heel spurs stated the shoes kept their feet flat on the pool bottom and allowed them to do high impact exercises. A few of them found them expensive but worth every penny.


Although the Hydro looks bulky and heavy due to its thick sole and midfoot cage, it’s a very lightweight water shoe. The Hydro weighs 9 oz ( 255gr), which is based on a single pair.

They are lightweight yet supportive, making them excellent for power walking, hydro water sports, and everyday use. They are light when wearing them outside of the water, but also in the water. It makes you feel like you are walking or exercising with no shoes on, say most reviewers.


The mesh upper is flexible yet supportive, as the webbing midfoot cage holds its shape. So even if the mesh stretches a little over time, the shoe still provides a snug fit. The sole flexes with the foot’s movement, making it comfortable when walking or dancing in the water.

Although these shoes suit many types of water sport activities, these are specially designed for practicing aerobic in the pool, which requires a full range of motion with the feet. So they are mainly made with flexible and lightweight material to enable you to move easily and smoothly in the water.

Toe Box

The Hydro has plenty of room in the toe box to allow your toes to wiggle. Plus, the piece of synthetic overlay at the forefoot protects your feet from rubbing and injuries. However, because we all have different foot shapes, not everyone felt comfortable at the toes. A minority of critics complained that the toe box was a little too tight on their feet. Another few buyers reported that their toe kept rubbing against the seams of the shoes.

Ryka Hydro Sport

- Open mesh uppers for maximum breathability
- Synthetic leather on toe-tip and heel to protect the toes and stabilize the ankle.
- Webbing midfoot cage to support lateral movements
- Padded collar and tongue for added comfort around the ankle and bridge.
- Heel pull tab at the heel to help put on and off the shoes easily.
- Removable and perforated Nitracel insert for fast drying.
- Soft mesh lining for more breathability.
- Button-toggle lacing closure to get the best fit.
- Compression-molded EVA foam to absorb shocks
- Impact foam inserts at the heel for extra support.
- Sticky rubber outsole for maximum traction on wet floors.
- Drainage ports in the outer sole to drain water out.
- Weight, based on a single pair: 9oz (255gr) 
- Chlorine resistant material.

  • Drain water out
  • Multi versatile, allowing you to swift from dry to wet activities and vice versa.
  • Comfortable
  • Support lateral movements
  • Supportive

  • Many reviewers complained that the laces are too long and untie in the water.
  • Several users reported that small rocks get stuck in the drainage opening and that the shoe fills up with sand.
  • A few customers didn’t recommend the shoes because the seams rubbed their sensitive toes repeatedly.

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The Hydro is a supportive water shoe that will allow you to enjoy your aerobic class and other water sports activities. They received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 3690 reviewers; this is very high. People loved the Hydro’s versatility and that they could switch instantly from dry to wet activity without having to change shoes. Despite the issue with laces untying in the water and small rocks getting stuck in the opening, it is still the favorite shoes of most hydro sports lovers.

Do you wear Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport? If so, what is your experience with them? I would love to know.


Ryka Women's Hydro Sport Shoe













  • High Drainage Capacity
  • Multi Versatile - Easy to swift from dry to wet activities
  • Comfortable
  • Support Lateral Movements
  • Supportive


  • The Lace Tend to Untie in the Water and are Too Longue
  • Small Rocks Get Stuck Between the Drainage Openings And it Fills Up With Sand
  • The Seams Can Rub Against Sensitive feet.

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  1. The Ryka women sport shoes are really cute, I love the colors! Since I easily get blisters, it is important for me that they are well cushioned, so that is a plus point for Ryka. You mention that you can walk through rivers and waterfalls, so these shoes are also waterproof? Could I wear them in flooded areas (I live in a hurricane prone zone)? 

    What is the best online platform to order them from?

    • Hi Christine,

      The Hydro is chlorine water-resistant, meaning, they don’t deteriorate fast when using them in pools, unlike many other water shoes. They don’t protect from water as they are water shoes. If they get wet, your feet will get soaked too.

      There are many places where you can buy them, but the best online platforms I know are Amazon and Zappos.

      I hope it helped:)

      Thank you for the comment! 

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this magic shoe. Your review is informative and well balanced. Even after the cons you stated, I still think this is a very good shoe for the water sport lovers , they have more to gain as in the pros than the cons. It is really written comfort all over it and I would not mind to have one for myself.

    • Hi Bogadi,

      You are very welcome!

      Yes, the Hydro is a fantastic shoe. Not only are they comfortable, but also extremely versatile. I wish all water lovers, dancers, and walkers to have them.

      Thank you for passing by and the comment.


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