Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 3 Review

The Ryka Devotion Plus 3 is a new update of its predecessor, the top-rated Devotion 2. Both models are supportive shoes for multiple activities like walking, running errands, shopping, or anything that requires spending a lot of hours on your feet. Whether you are a nurse, bartender, hairdresser, or pharmacist, you’ll love the comfort that offers the Ryka Devotion 3. If you are already familiar with the Ryka Devotion 2, chances, you’ll appreciate the number 3 even more. This Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 3 review will help you make the best buying decision.

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Ryka Devotion Plus 3

  • Brand: Ryka
  • Dimension: 10 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 10 oz (283gr)
  • Rating: 8.4 out of 10 Great!


As I mentioned above, the Ryka Devotion 3 is a new update of Devotion 2. They are slightly different, but those small differences can make significant changes in comfort and support. First off, the mesh on the Devotion 3 is more supportive, and the heel counter is higher. According to some reviewers, the Devotion 3 feels firmer and hold the foot better. It’s a well-cushioned shoe with a solid foundation that offers excellent protection and support to the feet.

Who is the Ryka Devotion Plus 3 For?

The Ryka is for anyone who needs a well-cushioned shoe to keep the feet comfortable all day long. Whether it’s for your daily activities, gym, treadmills, or working, these will fit the bill. Although these are neutral shoes, people with flat feet and high arches feel comfortable in them too. Thanks to the RE-ZORB platform and extra pod network, they provide added comfort for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Despite being supportive, they are also lightweight, breathable, and very cute! 


The Devotion Plus 3 is the perfect walking shoe for the summer as it’s well ventilated. The mesh upper has large pores on the front and sides to allow airflow, keeping your feet cool all day. They have iridescent flex overlays on the sides. These luminous lines add a nice touch to the shoe and help you be more visible at night but don’t provide lateral support. If you need footwear to correct your pronation, a stability or motion control shoe will be a better choice. The lining material inside gives a soft feel to the feet, enhancing comfort. Additionally, the padded tongue and collar create cushiony and secure support around the ankle.


If you stand, walk or climb stairs all day, the Devotion Plus 3 might be the ideal shoe for you. What makes this sneaker so comfortable is the lightweight molded EVA foam and full-length Re-Zorb platform. These responsive features absorb shock and protect your feet against the impact each time you strike the ground. Since these are neutral shoes, there is no structure in the midsole, yet they offer great support. According to many reviewers, the sole is springy, especially in the heel area, and gives a feeling of walking on air. These are extremely appreciated by walkers who are on their feet long hours and suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.


Although the Devotion Plus 3 shoes are available in 4 colors only, they are really cute. Customers wished Ryka offered a broader range of colors in the future. Ryka has designed the Devotion Plus 3 to cater to the women’s feet. They have a roomy toe box with a narrow heel. Many buyers loved how the Devotion Plus 3 make their foot look smaller. The sweep on the sides creates forms of waves, creating a stylish look. It’s a shame they don’t come in more color choices.

Outsole & Traction

The Devotion Plus has a smartly designed rubber outsole called radial skeletal. Ryka uses eight pieces of rubber throughout the entire outsole, instead of one piece. Between the rubber lugs, there are flex grooves that make the outsole more flexible and grippy. This construction is lightweight and prevents slipping, but according to several critics, the tread wears out quicker when walking on pavements. However, the majority of customers were happy with the traction and durability of the shoe.


The Devotion Plus is an athletic shoe designed for walking and everyday use. They are well constructed but don’t expect them to last as long as full leather shoes. A sneaker lasts about 4 to 6 months (300 and 500 miles) for someone who walks 20 miles a week. While most users were happy with the durability of the Devotion Plus 3, some complained that the outsole wears off quickly on sidewalks and the stitching on the tongue comes apart, making them unhappy about the construction of the shoes.


The sides and top of the shoe are mesh with large holes, allowing the air to circulate easily through the shoe. So when you walk or exercise, your feet remain well-aerated, cool, and free of odors. One thing worth mentioning is that the mesh is not waterproof, and if you happen to get caught in the rain, your feet will get wet. The good thing is that they are easy to clean and dry relatively fast. The Ryka Devotion 3 is excellent for the summer, spring, and fall, but not so great for the winter. Let’s say, these won’t protect your feet from cold wind. 

Terrain Types

The midsole is made with Re Zorb and EVA foam that absorbs shock and reduces stress on the joints. Plus, they have an extra foam in the heel that softens the impact, protecting the heel when hitting the ground. People that stand or walk on concrete floors for long hours reported that they didn’t feel pain or tiredness. On the other hand, some users were disappointed and complained that the outsole wears out faster than expected. These provide enough support for walking on pavements, asphalt, treadmills, wood, and tile floors. But they aren’t recommended for hiking on trails as they are not built for these types of terrains.


Although most customers found them true to size, some felt they could have worn a half size bigger. They fit right out of the box, but if you have bunions, use custom orthotics, or plan on wearing thick socks, you may consider getting a wider size. The chart is straightforward, and the shoes offer a wide range of widths and lengths for you to find the right fit.

Comfort & Stability

There were complaints about the laces and outsole, but about the comfort, almost none. The Devotion Plus 3 is well cushioned and bouncy. Wearers loved how they could walk and stand for long hours without any pain. The ankle and tongue are padded, which adds comfort. Although the Devotion Plus 3 offers excellent underfoot shock absorption, there are no overlays on the sides to support lateral movements. But the good thing is that the ankle is well reinforced, keeping your ankle stable when walking.


Some people were concerned about the laces and top part of the shoes. These are not regular eyelets, but holes. Since there are no grommets that reinforce the holes, it’s more difficult to adjust the laces. A few users complained that the laces are too long. Others found it difficult to tighten and untie the shoe.

Heel Area

The heel cup on the Devotion Plus 3 comes slightly higher than on the previous model, Plus 2. Also, there is more padding around the heel, enhancing comfort. The Anatomical Precise Return insole gives additional heel and arch support during your walks. As I mentioned, the heel is reinforced with synthetic overlays, which add durability and stability to the shoe. They hug the ankle and keep it stable. While many customers said the Devotion Plus 3 doesn’t chafe against the heel and provides extra stability in the gait, several felt unstable due to the excessive amount of padding in the heel.


These walking shoes are lightweight yet provide excellent support and cushioning. One shoe weighs only 10 oz (283gr). If you walk on treadmills, you’ll love them.


The mesh stretches with the foot’s movement, and the responsive EVA midsole bends with each step. The flex grooves integrated into the outsole increases flexibility at the ball of the foot. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Devotion Plus 3 is stiffer than the Plus 2 but holds and supports the foot better. This is something to consider.

Toe Box

The Devotion Plus 3 has a wide toe box with a narrow heel that doesn’t slip up and down. Many people bought these shoes after reading the positive reviews on the toe box, and they are glad they did. If you have wide feet, bunion, or need room for your toes to wiggle, the Devotion Plus 3 is the right choice.


- Anatomical Precise-Return™ insole
- Lightweight EVA midsole with RE-ZORB active foam
- Eight-piece radial skeletal
- Smooth fabric lining
- Breathable mesh
- Iridescent flex gear materials.
- Padded tongue and collar 
- Rubber Outsole
- Weight: 10 oz - (283gr)
- Arch Support: neutral
- Activity - Walking errands, everyday use, gym treadmills, biking, steping
- Foot condition - Plantar fascities, heel pain.

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  • Comfortable
  • Well-cushioned
  • Reduce foot pain, according to many reviewers.
  • Lightweight
  • Offer great underfoot support.
  • Several users mentioned that the laces are difficult to adjust.
  • Some critics reported that the outsole wears out fast when walking long distances on pavements, and the stitching on the tongue falls apart after a few uses.
  • A few customers were disappointed that the Devotion Plus 3 doesn’t support lateral movements.


To sum it up, the Devotion Plus 3 is a super comfy shoe that is excellent if you are on your feet for an extended period. These fit the bill for the gym, stair climber, biking, walking errands, and treadmills.

They are lightweight, cute, and offer excellent support underfoot. Overall, great athletic shoes keep your feet comfortable, but if you are looking for solid footwear that lasts for a long time, these might not be for you.

Do you own the Ryka Devotion Plus 3? If so, I would love to know your experience with them.

Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 3













  • Comfortable
  • Offers Excellent underfoot support
  • Lightweight
  • Well cushioned
  • According to reviewers, reduce foot pain


  • Laces are difficult to adjust say reviewers
  • The outsole wears out fast on concrete and the tongue falls apart say a few users
  • Don't support lateral movement

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